Think You Can’t Get Life Insurance if You’ve Had Breast Cancer? Think Again!

You may think that because you’ve had breast cancer, you won’t be able to get affordable life insurance. That’s just not true! Many breast cancer survivors can qualify for coverage and probably a lot sooner than they think.

Because of advances in treatment, many life insurance companies have changed their coverage guidelines (aka underwriting). That means agents across the nation are able to help their Think You Can’t Get Life Insurance if You’ve Had Breast Cancer? Think Again!clients with a breast cancer history get affordable life insurance.

The only bad news is that most people—especially breast cancer survivors—don’t know about these advancements in coverage. Securing life insurance for breast cancer survivors is possible and will help protect more families who need this coverage.

Put your agent to work!

Every life insurance company will look at your specific breast cancer history differently and some more favorably than others. That’s where your agent comes in. They will use their expertise and resources to find you the most affordable coverage.

On your end, you’ll need to collect the following information for your agent:

  • What was the specific type of breast cancer?
  • What was the stage and grade of the cancer? (MOST IMPORTANT – this should come from your post pathology report)
  • When were you diagnosed? And when did your treatment end?
  • How was it treated? (lumpectomy, mastectomy, chemo, radiation, etc.)
  • Any metastasis or lymph node involvement? If so, provide details.
  • What was the size of the tumor?

If any of the information above is missing, your agent won’t be able to accurately find a company that would be a fit for you. Furthermore, having a copy of your pathology report will help tremendously in prequalifying your risk. Then, let your agent get to work!

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the perfect time to spread the word about how affordable life insurance can be for breast cancer survivors.

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